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Umber and Elis

                Elis sat on the crest of the hill, watching the edge of the sky slowly turn a deep red colour as the sun set, a tiny smile on her Eevee face. At the edge of Berry Forest the sunset’s were awesome, the whole ocean next to the woods turning into leagues of berry-juice due to the sinking star’s light.

Suddenly the sunset was blotted out by something behind her.

“Guess who?” A voice laughed, two furry paws over her eyes. She giggled, putting a paw to her chin.

“Hmm… is it someone I know?” She giggled, trying to ‘guess’.

“It might be…” The voice said, the two paws slipping off her eyes so she could see. She turned round to see Umber, her best friend, with a smile on his little Eevee face.

“Oh! It’s you!” she gasped, mouth open. “I never would have guessed(!)” She laughed, putting her paw on his cheek and pushing him gently away. He trotted round to sit next to her.

“What’re you doing out here?” he asked. “Everyone’s waiting to nest back home.” He nodded towards the forest.

“I’m just watching the sunset…” She sighed, looking at said sunset. She and Umber had been best friends since they were old enough to walk, and, a year later, they were still the best of friends.

“You’re kind of obsessive with the sun, you are…” He laughed, sitting right next to her, his tail draping over hers. She didn’t mind though, because- c’mon, he was her best friend. Why should she mind?

“I’m not obsessive, I’m just fascinated.” She said, snorting loudly, throwing her head back and pointing her nose in the air. She smirked as she did this, looking back at Umber. He just looked at her, eyebrow raised and a smirk on his face to rival hers.

She giggled, moving her head round towards Umber again. In Eevee standards, he was a bit of a weird looker. A patch of fur in the centre of his forehead was tinged a slightly darker colour than the rest of his fur. But she just thought he looked cute with it. She leaned forward and rubbed her forehead against his, smiling gently. (This is equivalent to a hug in Eevee standards.)

He smiled, rubbing his head back with equal force. She was a bit of an odd looker herself. The tip of her tail was split, so one long hair skewed away from the rest of her tail. She had several hairs over her body that did this, in random places, so she slightly resembles a Jolteon.

“(…You are a weirdo, do you know?)” Umber whispered quietly, un-moving, but with his forehead pressed against hers, their noses touching. She giggled, twitching her head from side to side so their noses rubbed together. (This is equivalent to a kiss on the cheek in Eevee standards.) He wouldn’t think anything of it, she knew. C’mon, he wasn’t her best friend for nothing…

“(I realised that as soon as I met you…)” She whispered back, the hairs on her back raising slightly. (This is equivalent to a blush in Eevee standards.)

The hairs on Umber’s back raised as well, Umber’s eyes glancing briefly to the almost-set sun, a smile on his face. She’d never done that before…

“(If I didn’t know you better, I’d say you were suggesting something…)” He smiled, twitching his nose. They both felt most of the hairs on their backs raising, an embarrassed smile on both their faces. Elis looked downwards shyly, glancing up into his eyes now and again. She’d never felt anything like this towards Umber before. Maybe she was…

“(Who… Who said I wasn’t…?)” She smiled, her tail gently wagging from side to side. She was almost positive of what she was feeling… she just had to test it out…

Umber’s heart lifted, his tail wagging gently from side to side. He’d never seen this side of Elis before… and he liked it. He was just as confused as her, but almost certain, of what he was feeling…

Without warning, they both began to purr together, staring into each other’s eyes. Their heads slid to the side of each other, and they both leaned forward. They both closed their eyes and purred, leaning their heads up and down, rubbing against each other’s necks. (This equivalent to- Oh, you can guess.)

Neither of them had ever felt this happy in their lives…

The last rays of sun sank below the horizon.

They both began to glow brightly, Elis first, and then Umber a split-second behind her. They opened their eyes in surprise, but closed them slowly, neither of then wanted to stop it…

They were evolving.

Their bodies became much larger as the evolution took place. Their small Eevee ears extended out and widened, their tails lengthened and grew, their whole body attitudes changed in about 20 seconds. But their minds, and their newfound love, remained the same.

The glow faded, and two new Pokemon were sat on the crest of the hill, their heads next to each other, eyes closed. They both pulled back slowly, wanting to see what their partner looked like…

They opened their eyes.

And gasped in shock.

They were not the same species.

Elis had become an Espeon, and Umber had become an Umbreon.

Elis’ fur was the most dramatically changed of the pair’s. On all the places where her fur had stuck out on her Eevee body, there were tie-dye-like patterns on her body. And her tail was defiantly un-like most Espeon’s. It has split most of the way down, almost to the base of her spine, so it looked like she had 2 tails instead of a split one.

In the middle of Umber’s forehead, the usual oval-shape of an Umbreon’s light ring was replaced by a Diamond-shaped piece of yellow fur. The rest of the ovals had continued the pattern, so he had diamond-shaped light rings.

They stared at each other, mouths open.

“(…Oh, Celebi…)” Umber swore, looking down at himself. In Berry forest, Umbreons were considered to be freaks of nature, and related to the evil side of all Pokemon.

“(Umber…)” Elis said quietly, standing up and walking towards him. But he shook his head, taking a few steps away from her, tears in his eyes.

“(Oh, Celebi, Mew, Jirachi, no! Not an Umbreon!)” He whimpered, shivering in fear of himself.

“(Umber, calm down-!)”

“(Stay away…)”

“(…what?)” She whispered, standing still.

“(Elis, just stay away from me…)” He pleaded, looking into her eyes. “(I’m evil, and I don’t want to hurt you…)”

“You’re not evil, Umber!”

“Yes I am! I’m an Umbreon!” He said, spitting out the word “Umbreon”.

“Umber, I don’t care what you are; I’m not going to leave you…” She said, tears coming into her eyes as well.

“Please, just stay away-!” He started, but Elis snapped;

“No! I will not abandon you just because of what you look like!” And before he could move, she walked right up to him and rubbed her head against the side of his. He gritted his teeth, ready for the evil in him to engulf her.

She stood there, a tear running down the side of her cheek.

Nothing happened.

“(Umber…)” She whispered, closing her eyes. “(You have been my best friend since before I could remember… I know I can trust you, and I know that you’d never leave me if something like this happened to me. So I’m not going to leave you…)”

“(But… why…?)” He asked, sniffing slightly in the silence.

“Because…” She said, pulling back and placing her forehead on his. “We evolved… and only people who care about each other… people, who… love… love each other, evolve like we did…”

“You mean…?” He asked, looking into her eyes. She rubbed noses with him, a small smile on her face.

“Yes… I love you…” She purred. She waited a second for his reply.

“But… I’m evil…”

“Umber…” she said firmly. “Listen to me. Do you love me?”



“…yes. Yes, I do love you…” He smiled, rubbing his nose against hers. She leant forward, her head beside his and her mouth next to his ear.

“(Evil is incapable of love…)” She whispered, giving his cheek a lick. He paused a second, then purred quietly to her, a smile on his face. “(We’ll get though this, Umber.)”

“(Thank you, Elis…)” He whispered, returning the lick on the cheek. They both turned round and looked at Berry forest.

“D’you think they’ll be scared?” Umber asked, walking towards the forest with Elis by his side.

“If they are, I’ll explain everything…” Elis smiled, entwining one stream of her split tail round his…

“And were they really scared, Dad?” Their youngest daughter, Gold-shine, asked, looking up at Umber from her position on the floor.

“Mmm-hm.” He nodded, smiling at the figures at his paws. “But after a while, they chose to accept me. These things,” He lit up his light diamonds. “Became quite useful in the dark.”

“Okay, that’s enough.” Elis called half-way through giving baby Eon a tongue-bath. (Who was not too happy about it.) “Our deal was that you could stay up until Daddy finished the story. Now say goodnight.”

Instantly, Umber heard three voices say: “Dad…?”

“No, no. You heard your mother. Go to your nests.” He said, his forehead diamond lighting up as a warning.

“Aw, c’mon dad!” His young Jolteon son pleaded, gently head-butting him in the side. “Pleeeeeeease can we stay up a bit longer?”

“C’mon Levsidian.” His older sister, Torrenzia said, tugging at his tail. “It’s near the witching hour. Very unlucky to be awake then.”

“Aw… ok.” He conceded, walking to their nests. After the children had gone to bed, Elis, with baby Eon fast asleep in her mouth, came over to him.

“You know, you missed out a part…” She said, rubbing up next to him.

“Hmm?” He asked, licking her cheek.

“You forgot to tell how you almost fainted with relief when they accepted you.” She giggled, giving Baby Eon a final lick.

“I thought it went on long enough.” He smiled, lying down in the nearby nest. He scooted over and purred as Elis lay next to him.

“Goodnight.” Elis yawned, cuddling up to him and Eon.




:D Hope you liked it!
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Eeveelution-Master Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2008
*sniff* so beautiful........ i lov these kinds of stories do u know any more like this?
Mareo-and-Anime Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2008
Well, I've written one-or-two like this on my page, if you're interested. ^_^
Eeveelution-Master Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2008
Ok thanx! =)
EXTREMEeeveeLOVER Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2005
I thought it was really well done. Now I'll add it to my favorites.
Zehful Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2005  Professional General Artist
Aw, the setting sun idea was a nice twist that explains why they're different evolutions..very nice. I also liked how in the end you hear about their kids and see a bit of each of their personalities, I can picture the whole thing quite well. ^_^
jacmaktsi Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2005
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhh
Oh my,i like romance,and cuddle,s,and kiss,s and just being close darn it!!
Very nice job there!! "O_______O" (^___^) Yup im in love.
Mareo-and-Anime Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2005
I bet it'll be a surprise to know, that I, myself, have never been in love. I haven't even recieved my real first :smooch: yet. :D Did I get the right feeling across?
Ovni-the-UFO Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2005
okay, that was one of the most romantic things I"ve ever read...very good!
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