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The Nonsensical Discourse by Mareo-and-Anime The Nonsensical Discourse by Mareo-and-Anime
My entry for :iconorg-infinity:

(And before anyone comments on his hair/head size, I took inspiration from the original pictures from the books.)

Nobody Name: Tathax

Title: The Nonsensical Discourse

Human Name: Hatta

Power: (To be re-evaluated)

Weapon: ‘Looking Glass’ Plates (See 'Battle Techniques';)

Origin: Wonderland

History: (This includes references to the KH interpretation of 'Alice in Wonderland' and the written sequal 'Through the Looking Glass'.)

Once the White King's messenger, Hatta was supposed to pass out the Bread-and-Butter to stop the Lion & the Unicorn from fighting, but he was ambushed by Heartless en route when Wonderland was invaded. Rooted by his determination to fulfil his role in the tale, however, and thanks to Wonderland rules, he ‘awakened’ as a Nobody before he got ambushed, with sketchy memories, in time for Alice to see him on the road and comment on it.
("I see nobody on the road.” “If only I had such eyes to be able to see Nobody!")

After overhearing Alice, and figuring that he couldn't carry out his role in mind and body if he was a Nobody, he wandered for a while, wondering why he didn’t feel excited about the idea of having a Tea-Party, until he was approached by Shirix of the Organization. After a lengthy conversation, in which his backwards logic and paradoxes puzzled and irritated Shirix, he agreed to join them, on the condition that he would get his Heart back in time to fulfil his role in the tale.

Shirix, quickly understanding the world’s rules, agreed, with the knowledge that the battle Hatta was meant to stop would never begin if he wasn’t around to end it. On bringing him to their castle, Xelcan gave Hatta his new name and title: Tathax, The Nonsensical Discourse.

Personality: In contrast to his former persona, Tathax is melancholy most of the time. (In his former life, he hardly used his brain, living by his feelings and doing impossible things without questioning them. But now he has no feelings, he has to think about how he does them as he does them, which he dislikes.) He doesn’t really grasp the idea of good and evil, as they weren’t really a concept in his sheltered former life, so accepts the idea of stealing hearts to fulfil their quest without question.

Usual Tendencies:
Reacts to things before they happen to “Save time” (Which sometimes involves him randomly yelling in pain around the other Organization members. Of course, the funny part is that the only reason he’s yelling in pain is from the injury he will get for yelling unexpectedly.)
Uses Wonderland logic when speaking, making him almost impossible to talk to.
Whenever he isn’t serving the Organization, he’s on the hunt for the perfect hat to wear, for reasons he himself can’t explain, and he loves a good cup and a ½ of Tea.

Mostly accompanies: Any other Wonderland-Originated Members.

Battle technique: (To be re-evaluated)

Desperation Attack: Summons a giant plate in front of him, breaks it into 12 shards with a sweep of his arms and makes them circle him, then shoots them one-by-one at Sora. After all 12 have been fired, the plate re-forms over Sora and smashes at him from above.

I just hope he qualifies... ^^;

(Ack... >_< I just realised he's only got one glove on...)
angelic-raven Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2008
it looks good :D i like the colors and what you did with it :D
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March 1, 2008
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