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December 28, 2005
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Teeny Titans by Mareo-and-Anime Teeny Titans by Mareo-and-Anime
Ha-hah! :XD: Blame Post-Christmas boredom! It's the Teen Titans gone Baby! (Oh, I'm not sure if this has been done before in the series, but here's my version. :) Best viewed in full)

Cyborg: No matter what the age, he's still king of games! (Or should that be prince of games...?)
Beast-boy: Still a sore loser... and quite cute. :poke:
Starfire: Aww, even as a baby, she can still hug a little too much...
Raven: Oops, hood's too big. :XD:
Robin: Aw, his first communicator... Heh, needs string to keep his mask on...

Heh, even the tower's gone baby-fied!

Ok, so... waddya think? :D Ooh, did I get the Titan 'manga' drawings right?
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BthePugLover Jul 26, 2011
Aww, they're so cute <3

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PinkBloom21 Sep 15, 2006  Student Filmographer
wow that get perschool put frist :poke: get nice try hit move babies for good !!!
Oh ha! ^____^ Wowie, cute! That's good! Way to go! :thumbsup:
:O Wow, your digital skills are improving.
Well done.
He-heh, thanks a lot! :D
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