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Squad 7 Capt: Cielo Noct by Mareo-and-Anime Squad 7 Capt: Cielo Noct by Mareo-and-Anime
Squad 7

Captain: Cielo Noct (from the grimdivide)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Of average build, he also has white hair with black highlights. He also has golden eyes. Five feet nine inches tall. He wears a black, short sleeved shirt with a high collar and squad number on the back in white. Black pants, gloves, and boots also sets him apart from everyone else. Has a gold Celtic cross charm on his left wrist and has white bandages on both wrists.

Personality: A skillful liar who is hard to read and intentions are never known. Often puts on the fašade of a cool, laid-back, slacker when he's not busy with anything. Can be the cruelest, cold, unforgiving, and devious strategist of anyone, actually taking time to point out all your weaknesses. He always keeps a lofty and dignified manner about him. Loves to demean misplace arrogance, especially from Squad 10 captain and Squad 13 captain. Often doesn't get close to people, but the few he does he protects. Often thinks of people as chess pieces, though a few he forgets to see them like that. He's also an honorable man.

Zanpakutou: Sutashika

Sealed form: N/A

Shikai: Always in Shikai

Ability: Capable of shape shifting the blade into any kind of weapon and control the density and weight. Opts to switch instantly between four main weapons, each with a name of a star or constellation:

Altair: Cielo's default. A silver falchion.

Ankaa: A silver scythe with a spear tip on the other end.

Sirius: A greatsword shaped like a centipede. Has little blades that go around the blade like a chainsaw.

Corvus: Two short swords. Increase in speed.

Hydra: A rifle that fires spirit energy bullets three types of shots: 1. Semi-auto.

2. A charged shot. more or less a version of the hollow's cero

3. Scatter/Chaos shot. Charges up and fires an orb of light that then scatters into piercing light arrows flying in all directions. Basically a fire and run like hell/duck and cover attack.

Bankai: Sutashika Seiza-clothes change to the invert of his hair and clothes. Eyes also become silver. Strength and speed are enhanced to extreme degrees, pending what weapon is wielded. Can summon 20 weapons and control them telekinetically. Can teleport instantly to any of the weapons.

Other Powers: Shift-a fusion of shunpo and teleportation, it creates after images in his wake, confusing the opponent. Can only be used during bankai. (at least that is what I got.)

Strengths: Master Strategist, Shunpo (tied for third fastest with Squad 10 captain), Weapon adaptability (can use any weapon with expertise).
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November 17, 2010
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