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Squad 6 Lieut: Fuannai by Mareo-and-Anime Squad 6 Lieut: Fuannai by Mareo-and-Anime
Lieutenant: Fuannai Beezlebub (also from fanficssuck, he is a lieutenant, so he is going to be powerfull.)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Definitely the oldest lieutenant, and possibility the oldest person out of all the Hell's warriors. His eyes are slanted upward and is completely grey, no pupils. His hair is also grey, the whole ten strands left of it, and has a hunchback, making him look like five feet tall, but really taller than that. He wears rags in addition the standard uniform, and they're green.

Personality: Stupid, slow-witted, and takes nothing seriously and rarely gets angry. He worships Akuma like a god, though isn't afraid of him. He is also a sexist, believing women are only good for sex. (which is not cool, sorry, my personal remark here.)

Zanpakutou: Chinouresu

Sealed form: A short and stubby sword that is much wider than normal.

Shikai: "Think: Chnouresu!" The sword becomes a ball of liquid metal he can control.

Ability: The ball of liquid metal can be controlled like a weapon. Whatever body part it hits, that body part moves at a slower pace for ten seconds. If it scratches the head, the person will have a massive migraine. It also does physical damage.

Other Powers: Metallic Spy-his eyeballs can melt into a ball of liquid metal, be placed somewhere and solidify, allowing him to look in that direction no matter how far away he is from that eye.

Strengths: Swordsmanship, Spying. (honestly, that is all I can think of for strengths on this guy. is this all for him or is there more?)
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October 28, 2010
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