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Squad 5 Captain: Mizu Saki by Mareo-and-Anime Squad 5 Captain: Mizu Saki by Mareo-and-Anime
Captain: Mizu Saki

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5 feet, 7 inches tall. Has long black hair past her waist with white highlights and deep, violet eyes. She also has a curvy figure. Her haori is larger than normal due to being sized wrong, but never got it fixed. Carries her sword with a white sash that has her birth date on it.

Personality: A shy girl around family and friends, and too shy to show off her figure, she completely changes to a woman with no mercy to criminals and those that disobey her orders, earning the respect of those in her squad. She is very intelligent and can often think of a strategy quickly. She also is very nice to her squad, but can crack down on them. She is often on missions due to not being able to stay still, though often competes with Squad 10 captain for particularly difficult, highly disputable, or missions in the World of the Living. She loves to sneak into the World of the Living to relax. She is completely oblivious to anything sexual, such as guys checking her out, especially her third seat, though he is a bit more bolder than most. She also doesn't call captains by honorifics. Her older sister is the captain of Squad 13.

Zanpakutou: Akarui Tenshi Ue Tengoku

Sealed form: Long white sword with cobwebs over the blade. The hilt is in an unusual shape, a circle resembling the moon that is grey and black.

Shikai: "Sing to the heavens: Akarui Tenshi Ue Tengoku!" The blade turns into a long glass blade. It cannot be shattered and can inflict physical damage, though the opponent feels to pain from it unless they are not infected by its ability.

Ability: When cut, the target's most painful memory is brought up and the mental anguish increases dramatically compared to normal. Does not work on those who repress their memories.

Bankai: Kengen Ue Zenbu, Akarui Tenshi Ue Tengoku-can only be used for ten minutes as it grants the use of darkness, light, fire, water, earth, wind, and lightning to attack or defend in various ways. This is extremely exhausting for her. (that is a mouthful, I got rid of the stopping time for reasons mentioned above, but I hope the increased time limit compensates, if you have any ideas for abilities here, please say so I'll choose one or two to add on to this.)

Other Powers: N/A

Strengths: Kido Master, Shunpo, Strategist, Hand to Hand combat, Swordsmanship

Mizu Saki belongs to Angeltwin07
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October 25, 2010
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