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Squad 4 Captain: Kaneda Arlong by Mareo-and-Anime Squad 4 Captain: Kaneda Arlong by Mareo-and-Anime
Taken from: [link]

Captain: Kanada Arlong

Gender: Male

Appearance: 6 feet 9 inches tall with light green eyes and short dark brown hair with spikes on top. Has a "Devil's" goatee. Square jawed, very muscular and broad shoulder, but has unusually long legs compared to his body. Wears standard uniform.

Personality: A person who can't take anything seriously and always laughs, and once he starts, it takes at least half an hour to stop. He makes terrible jokes where only he gets them. When compared to him, he's confused why everyone is so down-in-the-dumps. The only person that seems to be able to tolerate him for more than five minutes is his lieutenant. If someone makes someone he cares about unhappy, chances are they will not be heard or seen from in a while.

Zanpakutou: Zentsukuro

Sealed form: A forearm length bone saw.

Shikai: "Purge: Zentsukuro!" Turnes into a silver gauntlet with the right hand in a chainmail glove. Also has tubes on the underside of the gauntlet to the sides of it.

Ability: Can reset the DNA of the person in his Sword's memory. This allows him to reset, not undo, the injury. It can be painless or not, dependant on his will.

Itameru Myaku-he can inject the wrong DNA into the enemy, disorienting them while their bodies fight the intrusion. The more of the same one he injects, the more resistant to that one DNA code the enemy becomes. (this was more of a zanpakutou ability that yours would have.)

Bankai: 'Ketsu Shaku' The gauntlet extends to the shoulder and the tubes wrap around the arm, eventually plugging directly into his chest. He change himself into anyone he has a DNA memory of, giving him their abilities and spiritual pressure at the time the DNA was taken, but the gauntlet is still visible. The more he has to raise his own spirit energy to compensate, the less time he can stay in that form.

Other Powers: N/A

Strengths: Hand to Hand combat, Healer, Versatile combatant.

Kaneda Arlong belongs to me.
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October 25, 2010
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