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Squad 3 Lieut:  'Zeph' Niter by Mareo-and-Anime Squad 3 Lieut:  'Zeph' Niter by Mareo-and-Anime
Taken from: [link]

Lieutenant: Zephaniah Niter (often called Zeph)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Long purple hair that stops half way down his back. His hair hides his yellow eyes and has coyote ears and fangs. Wears standard red shihakusho with chinese shoes. He also wears a spiked collar around his neck in addition with the standard uniform. (yes, I got rid of the feathers, they just seemed out of place to me.)

Personality: One of the few second class citizens (those that look human for the exception of a few non-human parts) to join Hell's Guardians, and even fewer to become a seated officer let alone lieutenant, he is often called the "second-class' champion." He can be quiet or a joker, pending what his mood is. His laugh can annoy, taunt, and intimidate people, even those known to be calm all the time. He is blunt and harsh towards almost everyone, having a soft spot for only his captain.

Zanpakutou: Kumori Jakkaru

Sealed form: a standard katana with a rectangular guard and a long chard at the end of the hilt. Has a dark grey sheath and black hilt, also the blade is a dark grey color with silver stripes and black tribal markings along the flat sides of the blade.

Shikai: "Snarl: Kumori Jakkaru!" The guard turns into a small white cloth with a chain coming out of it, wrapping around the arm with a sickle sticking out at the elbow, the sickle connect to the chain. The blade itself turns into a short lightsaber that is black lined with red.

Ability: The more fear the opponent has, innate or otherwise, the stronger the attacks are as the blade feeds off of it and gains strength in time.

Other Powers: Adrenaline Rush-Forces adrenaline to pump faster for five seconds, giving him a short burst of speed and increase reflex speed.

Strengths: Speed (not so much shunpo), Hand to Hand combat, Physical strength, Swordsmanship

Zephaniah Niter belongs to Le'meiavah

EDIT: This guy has been claimed as my girlfriend's slave. XD
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October 19, 2010
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