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Squad 3 Captain: Natsume by Mareo-and-Anime Squad 3 Captain: Natsume by Mareo-and-Anime
Taken from [link]

Captain: Natsume Tomoharu

Gender: Male

Appearance: Four feet three inches tall, the shortest of all captains. Has short, spiky black hair with the exception of a foot long lock of hair that hangs over his right shoulder. Wears a red shihakusho with a haori that has all colors of stars all over it and the kanji for 3 on the back. Eye color is a dark grey and wears his zanpakutou like a sling over his left shoulder (kind of what Captain Unohana does).

Personality: A timid and shy boy genius who is very unsure of himself, and gets bullied and picked on because of it. He greatly admires his lieutenant because of his/her self confidence and regards the captain of Squad Ten as his "older brother" after he rescued him from third rate citizens (demons with moderate human appearance) shortly after arriving to Hell. He rarely volunteers himself for missions and is easily the weakest and least experienced of all the captains. Surprisingly, when he is truly motivated to kill, he is the second fastest captain of them all (Head Captain is fastest, tied for second with Squad Two captain).

Zanpakutou: Shuensha

Sealed form: A standard katana with a five pointed star guard and yellow and blue hilt. The sheath is yellow.

Shikai: "Star bright, star shine, and twinkle: Shuensha!" four small yellow stars are blades, each with their own black metal string for three feet, then combining to one black metal string that then connect to the guard. Can stretch up to 200 yards.

Ability: Has three attacks: Ryuusei Arashi-hurls five "meteors" of spirit energy at target. His most powerful attack.

Shouheki-a yellow star shaped shield appears wherever the hilt and guard is.

Baisuu-fires off hundreds of thousands of small, yellow stars at the target that act like blades

Bankai: Kozumikku Shuensha-16 cartoonish, yellow stars appear, then bursts into millions smaller yellow stars, 100 blue, jagged stars are above that can come crashing down upon his will. He still keeps his star mace? (would that be a mace? or something?)

Other Powers: N/A

Strengths: Shunpo (second fastest, tied with Squad 2 Captain), Mobility, Swordsmanship, Macemanship (?)

Natsume Tomoharu belongs to randomguy24
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October 19, 2010
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