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Sir Hiss by Mareo-and-Anime Sir Hiss by Mareo-and-Anime
Ha-hah! :D I've been workin' on that dragon picture, and here's the result! Not exactly what I wanted... but it looks fine. :) This is part of a string of Kingdom Hearts Artwork I'll be doing.

Kingdom: Robin Hood (Since it's in neither of them. :))

The boss of the level, Hiss was unwillingly (and unwittingly) changed into... *points upwards* I'll also be creating a few heartless, a keyblade and so forth. Watch this space! :D (Well, not this place exactly, as it won't change that much, but you know what I mean. :XD:)
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aaaaceace Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2011
I like your picture, but disagree on why he was consumed by the Darkness. See I don't think Hiss was evil or corrupt, I think Hiss was just doing what was best for the kingdom when he "tricked" King Richard into going on his crusade. Because in real life it was King Richard and his endless wars that caused most of the high taxes and all the other problems England faced during that time and Prince John (who later became King John) was left holding the bag. Now this isn't to say John was a great king and he did cause his share of problems for England, but when Sir Hissed looked at the two brothers he probably felt that the whinny, insecure, yet interested in politics and government prince would make a better ruler than the war loving King.

So if anything would change him into a Heartless it would be his desire to do what was best for England, the stress that came from having to manage the bumbling royal brothers, and the realization that he had failed and all his carefully laid plains were falling apart. In fact I can even picture how the scene would work out.

Sora, Donald, Goofy, and the rest of the Robin Hood cast are forcing Prince John of his throne and telling him how they are going to report everything he has done to King Richard when he returned from the crusade. But as they are doing this Hiss enters the throne room yelling, "You foolsss! You have no idea what you are doing! All my work to get Richard out of England and John on the throne RUINED! Now England will be ruled by a mindless brute who only thinks about war and conquest! AND! IT! ISSS! ALL! YOUR! FAULT!"

And with that Sir Hiss the Royal Adviser of England disappears in a cloud of black smoke out and out comes Sir Hiss Lord Dragon Champion of Darkness.
aaaaceace Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
Sorry I meant to write "Sir Hiss The Dragon Knight"
octoberbride Featured By Owner May 25, 2006
I would love to see the Robin Hood world in KH too.
angelic-raven Featured By Owner May 24, 2006
nice :D actually im currently inlove with the song "passion" from kh2 :D
TrueDraw Featured By Owner May 23, 2006
cool, cool
Saintmog Featured By Owner May 22, 2006
It would have been great to have a Robin Hood world in KH. ;_;
Imagine, having Robin himself in your party. :heart:
DynaChrissy Featured By Owner May 22, 2006
Ooh very nice! :D He spookie. XD
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May 22, 2006
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