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Sibling rivalry... by Mareo-and-Anime Sibling rivalry... by Mareo-and-Anime
This is my entry for the EEVEEFANCLUB competition.

Big sister Vaporeon: Limniad
Big Brother Jolteon: Positron

Limniad is kind of a 'Get out of my face or be destroyed' kind of sister. She doesn't give a **** about anyone else (Except her baby brother and sister). She can't stand the sight of her Brother Positron, who constantly brags about his type advantage over her. (Even though she can still knock him flying ;P )

Positron is willing to try anything and everything. He's constantly curious, and hates beig left in the dark about anything. He's never been known to be in a bad mood, so he's quite easy to get along with. He constantly brags about his type advantage to his sister. (Even though one look from her could kill him! :evileye: lol)

Alrighty, those are the entries, so... Tada...?
pinktutux Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2005
Haven't spoken to you in a bit.
Guess you're still :jammingtomusic:
like the vulpix!
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