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Concherta AKA 417 by Mareo-and-Anime Concherta AKA 417 by Mareo-and-Anime
Wooh! My 100th Deviation just in time for my 8,500th pageview! ^_^

Ai-yah, it's been ages since I drew one of these... But she needed a re-vamp, desperately.

Experiment 417: Concherta
Primary Function: Harmonic Replication

Designed to be able to sing any song imaginable, in any key, pitch, harmony,- you name it. Choruses aren't a problem: She's got her own backup singers. Don't worry about running out of breath, her tail is actually filled with air, and can expand and contract like a regular lung. Is usually seen with [link] (Don't worry: He's getting an update too.)

She also has the biggest crush on 625. :XD:
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