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Clayvine Resurrects... by Mareo-and-Anime Clayvine Resurrects... by Mareo-and-Anime
^_^ My Latest entry for [link] 's 'Evil and Company' contest.

Evil Name generator: Clayvine
Monster Name generator: Resurrected Twister-Fungus


All was peaceful.

Twilight was gaining ground over the land as the sun slowly sank over the horizon, elongating the shadows of all living things towards the eastern edge of the world.

Except one spot.

Dark clouds slowly spawned into existance above a relatively unremarkable portion of farmland, casting the area into a dank gloom that sharply contrasted with its previous mood.

An icy breeze drifted over the darkened earth.

Without warning, the freshly ploughed ground started to quiver and shake, bubble and boil like the surface of a pot left on the heat for too long, and a great, clay-green mound burst out of the soil, scattering fragments of earth far and wide.

The ground's frantic rumblings slowed and stopped as the sludge-green momunent remained motionless, almost six feet high and three across.

A large crack shot across its front like a bolt of lightning, and with a great moan, the crack widened as the mound let out a long, musty sigh. Two more cracks appeared over the mouth, but they opened slowly to reveal yellow, red-rimmed eyes that seemed to glow in the darkness.

The eyes slowly moved left.

The eyes slowly moved right.

Suddenly, two great tendrils burst out of the top corners of the mound and slashed through the air. After a moment's writhing they curved around and slammed into the ground, sending a wave of sickly green light through the earth, sending great gashes through it with the sound of a thunderclap.

Several spots of earth around the yellow-eyed mound started to crumble and shake as something disturbed them from underneath.

One would have mistaken them for simple mole hills, until they saw the slimy, deep purple caps of the newly Resurrected Twister-Fungus writhe and twist as they struggled to free themselves from their subterranian resting places.

The news would soon spread far and wise that Clayvine, the scourge of the palnet, had returned, stronger and more evil than ever before...
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March 24, 2008
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